We are a speech pathology clinic that operates on the Gold Coast offering assessment and management in the areas of Voice, Speech, Language, Stuttering and multimodal communication for adults.

We can also provide Telehealth to clients living anywhere in Australia. With no more travel or waiting, anyone with internet access can schedule an appointment with an Ascent Speech Pathologist.

Why choose ASCENT?

We put you first

All of our services are person-centred which means that we work together with you to meet your needs and goals.

Here at Ascent, we believe this will lead to better outcomes and greater satisfaction with us.

We are ethical and follow best clinical practice

The team at Ascent Speech Pathology upholds the values and ethics outlined by the governing body of Speech Pathology Australia (SPA, Code of Ethics 2020).

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Our values and principles are guided by this code in how we make decisions and conduct ourselves as speech pathologists. 

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"Ascent Speech Pathology is committed to delivering quality communication services for adults by facilitating and promoting opportunities for them to reach their ultimate purpose."

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Ascent Speech Pathology provides the SPEAKOUT® therapy program specifically for persons with Parkinson's disease and other parkinsonian-type neurological disorders.

Areas of service include:

  • voice disorders from neurological disorders such as Parkinson's disease and other medical conditions


We can assess and provide management for a range of speech disorders.

Areas of service include:

  • speech coordination difficulties (dysarthria)

  • speech planning difficulties (apraxia)

  • reduced clarity - associated with neurological or other conditions 

  • motor speech disorders



We can assess and provide management for a range of language disorders.

Area of service include:

  • aphasia commonly associated with stroke or early onset dementia

  • communication partner training



We can screen and provide referrals for problems with swallowing.

Area of service include:

  • screening for swallowing issues and concerns

  • referral for further investigation and management

  • Provide IDDSI training for care staff and kitchen staff at residential aged care facilities


We can assess and provide management for multimodal communication for current and future needs.

Holistic and person-centred management:

  • trialling and matching devices best suited to individual client needs

  • collaborate to develop a customised communication system for use in the home and community setting



Speech Pathologist

Melissa Spooner


Melissa is a speech pathologist at Ascent Speech Pathology.

She is dedicated to providing the latest evidence based practice that is holistic and person focused. Melissa has experience treating adults with swallow and communication difficulties.

She is certified to use SPEAKOUT!® with ongoing group therapy The LOUD Crowd® for persons with Parkinson's disease.

Melissa is a certified member of Speech Pathology Australia (SPA).

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Phone Melissa: 0450 794 371 

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We are based in the Robina area (Gold Coast)

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Monday – Friday  (except Public Holidays)

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